We help young Syrians
to rebuild their sense
of normalcy


JAdanie wspieranie is a social campaign raising money for education of Syrian refugees children living in Lebanon.

Project duration: September 15th – December 6th 2017


Lebanon has accepted the largest number of refugees from Syria comparing to the number of its inhabitants. At the moment, there are million refugees. Half of them are children. Each child needs some routine that guarantees the sense of stability. Such routine for children is SCHOOL - it determines the rhythm of the day, week, month, year. Maybe it's surprising, but not being able to go to school severly affects everyday life of the young ones - life that has been turned upside down by the war too early. By supporting children's education in the Middle East, we not only give them the possibility for a better life, but we also enable them to rebuild their country when the war is over.


How can you help there, while you are here? It's simple - you can eat! Visit one of the restaurants listed below and order "Bulgurki Julki" - special Middle-Eastern dish (vegetarian or with meat) created in collaboration with Julia Cymbaluk, winner of MasterChef Junior TV Show. Dish that refers to the Middle East cuisine, popular in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Israel, served hot directly from the stove on the streets. Suggested version is a reflection of the most traditional one (Kibbeh) presented with lamb, pine nuts, and a hint of invention. The full amount of money from every sold dish will be donated to the PCPM Education Center in Bire, North Lebanon.


Order Bulgurki Julki in a restaurant (price: 24,00PLN)

Transfer money to PCPM Foundation account:
ul. Sarmacka 14/15, 02-972 Warszawa
mBank 97 1140 1010 0000 5228 6800 1034
With title: Jadanie Wspieranie


United Nations Organization warns that Syrian children can become a lost cause generation due to the lack of the access to education. Many of the young people live in extreme poverty which doesn't allow them to attend school. When teenagers become adults, they won't have the ability to maintain themselves or pursue their career. They won't have a chance for better future.


The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) is the largest Polish secular non-governmental organization, in terms of its annual cash flow and number of field-based missions, providing foreign humanitarian and development assistance.

More data: UNHCR.


JAdanie Wspieranie is a joint initiative City of Warsaw, Jarczyński Company, Endemol Shine Polska and PCPM Foundation, which will help young Syrians to begin or continue education in Lebanon. The ambassador of the project is Julia Cymbaluk, winner of MasterChef Junior TV program.



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